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12/10-12/11: 2020 International Education Technology Expo (IETE) & 2020 Internation (Shanghai)

地点: Shanghai Hongqiao Jinjiang Hotel

# After the epidemic, the era of digital education has come

The continuous development of the education field has also led to the development of applicable technologies. Digitalization is no longer just a buzzword, technology has permanently changed the world in which we live and learn.

Educational technology have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of teaching efficiency and educational experience, and the fair distribution of educational resources. In 2019, products in all educational technology fields has grown by 3% year-on-year. AI capabilities running through teaching scenarios, big data empowering personalized education, AR/VR teaching, deep and seamless offline/online teaching, and smart classroom+ Virtual classroom applications, smart hardware and Internet of Things IoT, high-definition interactive live broadcast, RPA (Robot Process Automation) technology, and 5G teaching tools are becoming the "high ground" that education companies and Internet giants intend to compete for.

# Background

For most domestic schools, deepening education and teaching reform to promote education equity and technological innovation has become the general trend, and smart technology will play the most critical role in the reform of education model and the development of "Internet + education"

At that time, the IETE will have 8 professional education sub-forums in parallel, inviting 1000+ global industry experts, 50 global guest speakers from all over the world, inclouding well-known principals in China and abroad, education group managers, government-related leaders, head of Purchasing, and educators to gather together, promoting exchanges and sharing between schools and technology companies. As the host, we hope the IETE will strive to promote the flourishing development of world education and have a positive impact on the world.
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