Professional photographer in Shanghai. ¥499 hoursly (Shanghai)

Hi all!

I am Tony Cheng, a professional photographer based in Shanghai city, available for modeling, portraits, headshots, fashion, family photography, trip photography, meeting photography, events photography...

I have worked with celebrities, athletes, models, friends, family, unknowns...

Tell me what you want and we will go for it!

We will collaborate over email or phone before hand to pick some looks we want to go for, and then do our best to duplicate them on location.

Locations will always vary, some at the the bund, park, houses.... wherever depending on the shot we're trying to get, or the place where you have a suggested.

Shoots generally run in the early afternoon usually 2pm through sunset when the lighting is best. It will take from 200 to 600 pictures during our session.

I do not provide a makeup artist!

My Price is RMB.¥799.00 yuan for the first hour, and it will be an increase of ¥499.00 yuan per hour.

You will receive all pictures we take during our session, and you will also get 6 pictures of best retouched like the samples on my website, and the 6 pictures are free. If you want to more picture to be retouched, the rate is ¥80.00 yuan per photo. Please understand some pictures take up to an hour to edit, for removing blemish, retouching eyes, retouching skin, retouching hair...

Feel free to email me any questions you might have! Thanks so much for your interest and let's make some magic!

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