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Shanghai Import and Export Right Application

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Import and export right refers to the import and export enterprises to carry out the qualification of import and export business. The application for import and export right needs to go through a complicated approval process. For enterprises intend to apply for it must also get city business bureau, city/partition customs, inspection and quarantine bureau, the state administration of foreign exchange, electronic port and other relevant departments for approval, and after obtaining these departments for examination and approval of all kinds of certificates, said the company has the self-management import and export rights. Only enterprises with import and export rights can engage in import and export business independently according to law.

What kind of enterprises are suitable for import and export rights?
a.International trading
b.Import and Export enterprises
c.Logistics company
d.Supply-chain company
e.General taxpayer company

Application Procedures for Import and Export Right
a.Fill in the registration form of enterprise application for import and export business qualification online, print the form and sign on the application form after submitting the online application confirmation.
b.Prepare a complete set of application materials and submit the application according to the online suggested material list
c.After the electronic application and written materials submitted by the enterprise are complete and correct, the enterprise shall make a decision on approval and registration or not within 5 working days. Those who are not approved or registered by the certificate of qualification for import and export enterprises of the People's Republic of China will give reasons to the applicant. After the completion of all industrial and commercial registration, fill in the ‘application form for Shanghai enterprise import and export business qualification’ online and complete the application materials and apply for the import and export enterprise qualification certificate.
d.The enterprise shall, on the strength of the qualification certificate of the import and export enterprise of the People's Republic of China, go through the relevant formalities needed for the import and export business with the administrative departments of industry and commerce, customs, quality inspection, foreign exchange and taxation.
e.Enterprises shall fill in the enterprise information feedback form after completing all the registration procedures with various departments and submit the relevant data to the ministry of commerce for filing through the network.

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